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Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution with ROI and Speed to Revenue in Mind.


We understand the imperatives at hand - you must create awareness for your brand, open the door for sales, build the funnel, close larger deals faster, and more often.  And, you need to now. You want to start with a focus on three broad marketing needs: reach audiences, operate sales & marketing platforms, and enhance your online presence...


We can help.

  • Improve Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Build Awareness Campaigns

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing Execution

  • Generate Qualified Leads

  • Nurture the Funnel

  • Manage Sales & Marketing Technology

  • Improve RFP Content and Win Rates

  • Increase Speed, Velocity and Size of Opportunities

  • Improve Visibility to Metrics

B2B Brands with High Growth Goals


Who do you turn to when you need a PPC campaign, integrated with your website, landing page and email campaign, your SEO initiatives and your targeted account based marketing efforts? An agency that houses all of the channel experts, along all of the operational expenses, interns and first year hires put on your small account?  Or a collection of freelancers that can be hard to manage and integrate? What about ISG? We partner with the best of the best in each respective marketing practice. We manage the bid, buy, ongoing management and execution of all of the partners needed to execute integrated marketing initiatives.

  • Assistance with Hiring, Managing, Coordinating and Ongoing Execution to Free Time for Your Team

  • Proven Partners

  • Channel Expertise

  • Experienced Advisers

  • Project Management & Integration Expertise

  • Scalable Solution, Pay for What You Need


Looking for high-quality brands to invest in is challenging… Which prospective businesses are good buys? What are they doing right, or wrong, with sales and marketing efforts?  Are they really differentiated in the market? Are they on message? Do they have the infrastructure, systems, people and process in place to drive revenue efficiently? What do they need to do to get better? How are they building shareholder value?   


Insight Solution Group’s Sales and Marketing due diligence assistance helps you reduce risk. We work with you from the beginning, side by side in due diligence, to analyze sales and marketing performance, answering key questions to reduce risk and drive better acquisition decisions. 

For the brands you do buy...We understand the strategic importance of a corporate identity that clearly articulates the unique value of the brand, appeals to the investment community and drives exit value. Because we work with you and the brand during due diligence, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the sales and marketing structure. We will work with your leadership team to understand your objectives and create sales and marketing materials to define the brand, clarify the message and improve market position. We will work with the brand sales team to develop understanding, identification and appeal to target markets to improve close ratios. High growth, high value and high speed.


Reduce risk in the buying process and build exit value for shareholders with ISG support.

  • Reduce Risk; Sales & Marketing Due Diligence Support

  • Improve Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Streamline & Create Efficiency in Lead to Revenue Cylce

  • Enhance Leadership Team

  • Operational Marketing Planning

  • Alignment with Strategic Initiatives

  • Focus on EBITDA

  • Demand Generation Specialists

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing Support

  • Improve Speed, Velocity and Size of Opportunities

  • Create Brand Equity

  • Improve Shareholder Value


Be it pre-funding or having just received funding, every dollar counts. You need speed to revenue. You know that today's hottest brands might not exist without having build a strong brand through marketing and sales. But your marketing dollars are competing with other initiatives. While few would dispute the value of branding, in a business dominated by the bottom line, off-balance-sheet considerations are often treated as afterthoughts—secondary undertakings undertaken only after the critical initial decision to invest is made. VC brands that focus on branding from the outset are better positioned to win.


Let's talk about speed to revenue with ISG support.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Sales & Marketing Technology Implementation, Management and Automation

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Lead Nurture Campaigns

  • RFP Content Improvement and Management

  • Improve Speed, Velocity and Size of Opportunities

  • Create Brand Equity

  • Improve Shareholder Value

VC Funded Brand Support
Agency Management
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