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Google Fiber is cool... For Subscribers and Advertisers.

When Google Fiber announced its intent to roll out an ad-tracking and measurement system, the world agreed, this could be a game changer for TV advertising.

So smart. In Kansas City, we are lucky enough to be one of the first cities to have Google Fiber. As Fiber subscribers, we can tell you, the targeting seems to be pretty accurate. One of our associates has been actively looking for signs of this success. Has reported... "We search online for a subject, say accounting software. We click a link or two; maybe we fill out a form. In addition to Facebook then showing us ads when scrolling (likely because we told the site who we were when visiting; also pretty brilliant), Google Fiber then shows ads for the same service while we are watching TV."

Yes, this might all seem very big brother to some. But think about it. If you want to see ads for things you are interested in vs things you are not, why would you mind? If you are doing annual business planning, and you are researching marketing technology or accounting software, and then you start seeing ads to show you options, wouldn't that be better than seeing the toe nail clipper or clapper commercial you don't really have an interest in? If you say no, well, you still have a way to opt out of this type of service, of course. But to marketing and advertising nerds like us, this is so cool!

Now, let the research begin on how to begin utilizing this service from Google and target our best prospects!

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